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Cumputer use in Hospitality Industry

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How are computers used in the hotel industry?

A computer is an electronic device which stores, retrieve and process the information or data. It takes input and gives output. Whatsoever we type (input) on the keyboard, it appears on the screen or monitor as output.

Computers are widely used in the hospitality industry around the globe. Hotels, Airlines, Travel & Tourism companies, Online- travel companies, event companies, Cruise line etc. work on computers for reservations and itinerary planning. In addition, computers are used to order food & beverages and supplies as well as to prepare the reports for top management. Revenue and credit departments in hospitality industry work on computers to generate bills and reports. Many hospitality companies provide extensive information technology services for their guests.

Computer application in hotel industry

There are different uses of computer in hotels. From front desk to F&B outlets (Food & Beverage), to all the other departments in the hotel have intricate software called the Property Management System (PMS) to complete all the check-in / check-out, guest accounting etc. In the F&B outlets new point of sale (POS) computer terminals are being used. POS work closely with PMS to bill guests for a meal or beverage or any other service used. PMS are being used for reports, maintaining guest accounts, records, front and back office, point of sale, door locking, card payment, housekeeping and energy management system etc. The PMS may interface with CRS (Central Reservation System) and revenue or yield management system.