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Career opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism industry

The tourism and hospitality career offers fun and engaging careers from being a food & beverage Manager on a high-end cruise line to any other field within the industry. In an industry that is continually growing and evolving to new trends, why not jump on wagon and explore the various options? Hospitality and Tourism industry is waiting for you!

The hospitality and tourism industry makes up around 9.8% of global GDP (Gross domestic product) and it’s still growing at a rapid pace. Responsible for on out of every eleven jobs worldwide, the industry is the world’s largest employer according to the World Tourism Organization – UNTWO. To the continuous growth of this service- oriented, high-energy and productivity-driven industry, there is a high demand of skilled labor. The sector itself, according to experts in this field, will have difficulties finding qualified talent for the forecasted 80 million jobs yet to be generated over the next ten years as per the report of World Travel & Tourism Council (WTC).

Sounds interesting! This is the best time to explore the opportunities so come and join this career.

Hospitality and Tourism Career list
a) Hotel operations
  • - Banquet and conference
  • - Food & Beverage Management
  • - Front office Reception
  • - Resort Management
  • - Restaurant Management
  • - Spa & Wellness Management
b) Event Management
  • - Concerts, Festivals & Exhibitions
  • - Wedding Coordination
c) Other Areas
  • - Airlines
  • - Amusement parks
  • - Casinos / Pubs
  • - Catering
  • - Cruises
  • - Consulting
  • - Start your own business – Open a Travel & Tour company or any other related to industry.