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Personality Development

AIIHM believes in following an education system which develops the overall personality of the students. Audio Visual teaching, case studies /Debates & Discussions to develop the mental ability of each student are quiet common. Faculties constantly challenge and encourage the students by giving more projects & assignments. Role plays and simulations are practiced for complete development and grooming of each and every student.

Cultural Programs

The Institute conducts/participates in various cultural programs every year for the students to exhibit their talents. The College takes pride in celebrating various festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Ramzan etc., to inculcate in the students unity, respect for other religions and to preserve the traditions of our culture. The students are exposed to various types of Cuisines, Culture and Traditions followed in various parts of our Country . Food festivals help the students to showcase their culinary talents and also teach them the importance of working in a team.

Earn While You Learn

AIIHM has tied up with the Hotels for organizing paid-internship during evenings and weekends where the students gain knowledge and rich experience. Our students are also invited by various star Hotels for various ODCs which is part of their Banquet Training.

Educational Tours

The Institute organizes Educational Tour to various places of tourist importance. Field trips are arranged to visit Hotels, Breweries, Resorts, etc. This inculcates in the students a team spirit and creates in them a spirit of enjoyment, adjustment and togetherness.

Student Counselling Service

The student Counselling service at the presence of experienced, qualified teachers to assist students in sorting out their difficulties and dilemmas in an environment where students talk freely in confidence for solution. Our aim is to help students come over the difficulties like adjustments with the peers, being sky, feeling lonely, confused, demotivated, depressed, difficulties in coping with academic pressure and competition etc.

Community Service

Community Service activities like Blood donation camps, food stalls, sweet distribution during festivals, raising awareness regarding the evils of the society


The college is planning to launch an yearly newsletter where students can contribute with their own articles & writings.

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